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GSH DermaForte 1500mg


Reduced glutathione is a ubiquitous anti-oxidant involved in many cellular functions such as detoxification, amino acids transport, and production of coenzyme and recycling of vitamins E and C.By serving nucleophilic scavenger, glutathione blocks free radical damage to all types of tissues. Glutathione is the most abundant intracellular thiol (sulfur containing compound) and low molecular weight tripeptide founded living cells.

Every cell in the body’s first line of defense is the substance, glutathione. It plays a crucial role in function and multiplication of lymphocytes to combat organisms like bacteria, viruses and parasites.

 Without proper levels of glutathione, researcher found that our cells literally commit suicide, by undergoing a process known as programmed cell death. Unfortunately, as we get older our glutathione levels decline.


Glutathione (GSH) is concentrated in the liver, where it functions as a key detoxifying agent. It is the major naturally occurring anti-oxidant in the cell. Other lesser anti-oxidants like vitamin E and C depend on glutathione on their own function.


The glutathione antioxidant system is foremost among the cellular protective mechanisms. Depletion of this small molecule is a common consequence of increased formation of reactive oxygen species during increased cellular activities. This phenomenon can occur in the lymphocytes during the development of the immune response and in the muscular cells during strenuous exercise. It is not surprising that so much research has been done, and is still being done on this small tripeptide molecule.  


Whey protein concentrate has been shown to represent an effective and safe Cysteine donor for GSH replenishment during GSH depletion in immune deficiency states. Cysteine is the crucial limiting amino acid for intracellular GSH synthesis. Animal experiments showed that the concentrates of whey proteins also exhibit anti-carcinogenesis and anti-cancer activity. They do this via their effect on increasing GSH concentration in relevant tissues, and may have anti-tumor effect on low volume of tumor via stimulation of immunity through the GSH pathway.


It is considered that oxygen radical generation is frequently a critical step in carcinogenesis, hence the effect of GSH on free radicals as well as carcinogen detoxification, could be important in inhibiting carcinogenesis induced by a number of different mechanisms. Case reports are presented which strongly suggest an anti-tumor effect of a whey protein dietary supplement in some urogenital cancers. This non toxic dietary intervention, which is not based on the principles of current cancer chemotherapy, will hopefully attract the attention of laboratory and clinical oncologists.


Each Box contains 5 vials + 5 diluent ampoule ; should be reconstituted 10ml water for injection.

Manufactured by: ARROW PHARM GROUP

                                              NEW ZEALAND




A superior formulation of antioxidant that helps boost your immune system, makes you look young and flawless.


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